How Early Rising Saved My Life

Hey sweet mamas! Welcome back to my Motherhood Series. I'm so in love with this lol.

Now, if we are being honest we can all think of a time where we snapped at our little ones. Maybe several times (in my case.) I wanted to share with y'all something that helped me to have more patience throughout the day. It may not make sense at first, but hear me out.


I know, I know, some of ya'll are like - an early riser? After all that I am up late doing, you're suggesting me waking up earlier???

Yes, yes I am.

For a few months, before this aha moment, I was waking up to the sound of Jaxen's voice either crying, laughing, or calling me over and over again. Before I even had a chance to wipe the crust out of my eyes, or stretch, I found my self stumbling across the room to my baby boy. And just like that, so abruptly my day was forced to start. 

Numbers, ABC's, and reading books not even 5 minutes after I open my eyes had your girl grumpy, irritable, and snappy! I still had to carry on throughout the day with my regular routine. I started to notice that I was too tired at the end of the day to spend time doing what I love. Something had to give!

So I began waking up before Jaxen. The first few times were a struggle. But eventually I got the hang of it. I started to wake up at 6, make a cup of coffee, read, pray, and reflect. By the time Jaxen would wake up, I would be so refreshed, energized, and ready to start the day! 

Now if I pass out in the evening and don't get to do what i love, its ok -because I already had me time! Although it may seem like a sacrifice at first, you will adjust, and begin to enjoy having time to inhale, and exhale.

If you, like the old Jo, find yourself cranky, grumpy, and just not ready to start the day, give it a try! I promise you'll feel 10,000 times better! Let me know how it goes ;)


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