From The Inside Out

Recently i was building a bike for Jaxen. I’m not going to lie, when i saw that there were just a few pieces I chuckled and thought “I got this.” 

I started building away, glancing at the manual here and there, and within a hour I stood back and smiled  at the finished product. 

It wasn’t until Jaxen sat on the bike, that i realized I had made several mistakes. It looked great from the outer appearance, but because I hadn't read the manual, and navigated through the building using my own understanding, the insides were about to fall apart.

The next day (yes I had to wait an entire day before I tried again) I took the bike apart, and this time I followed the manual to the T, and successfully built his bike.

Instantly, this reminded me of my life. For the last few months I have fallen off with waking up early, and spending time reading my life manual (the Bible.)

There are no excuses for why I fell off, but one thing is for sure ; I could feel the effects of it. Although I looked good on the outside, on the inside I had been wondering why I was been lazy, unmotivated, and a little unstable (much like the wobbly bike Jax was trying to ride.)

The consequences of me trying to build a bike without a manual and trying to live my life without it were the same. In both situations I found myself frustrated and irritated.

Friends, I know the summer can be fun, and you may put your life on cruise control thinking “I got this” but we NEED to make time to receive wisdom and guidance. Let’s not wait until we find ourselves in a place where we have to start all over again, rebuilding a situation that could have went smoothly if only we would have taken out the time to read the manual!