Don't Forget Who Held It Down

1 Samuel 12:12

"But when you saw Nahash, king of the Ammonites, preparing to attack you, you said to me, 'No more of this. We want a king to lead us.' And God was already your king!"


Guys, if I was God, I would be so sick of trying to teach humans (especially me) the same lesson over and over again. If He did it before, He'll do it again. I am guilty of forgetting all of the ways that God came through for me when tough situations arise.

It is so easy to have faith for others, and for the little things. But what about when real fear is settling in? What about when your situation feels hopeless. What about when all the cards seem stacked up against you? Do you have faith in Him then? 

In the above scripture, I am positive the people of Israel were terrified. They were constantly fighting for their freedom, and now the Ammonites were preparing to attack them. In this moment, fear outweighed their trust in God. Fear of the unknown replaced the memories of how God had came through for them time and time before.

Does this sound familiar to you? WE are all human, so I am sure that it does. Lets remember that God is already King over every situation in our lives. Never forget, he always holds it down. No situation is too big for him. Don't allow fear of the unknown take his place as King over your life. 




Jo MorrisonComment