Inside Out

Happy Monday folks!! Let’s jump right in.

Have you ever noticed something an area in your life that needed work? Time after time you've made an effort to change it... but failed?

Maybe it’s a negative mindset, your sarcasm, your lack of empathy for others, or your feelings about yourself.

There are many areas of my life that I look at while reflecting, that need some serious work. But what is stopping that change?

After doing some serious brainstorming, I realized that it was simply because I was trying to change from the outside in, instead of from the inside out

It’s easy to put on an act, even if it’s just for ourselves, leading others and ourselves to believe that there has been a change without actually working on the inside. That is just a setup for a a setback. 

In order to see real change we have to be willing to look on the inside, pray and meditate on the causes of our behavior, and make a conscious decision to heal those areas and move forward positively.

True change happens from the inside out. Let’s make a choice today to stop focusing on what others see outwardly, and make sure the condition of or hearts and minds are well!!