Why Are You SO Complicated?

There are very few inevitable circumstances that we encounter in life. One of them is dealing with difficult people. They are everywhere! At work, in church , at the mall, and even in our own families. You know what I'm talking about. The people who leave you saying "Why are you so complicated?" after interacting with them. 

It's a lot easier to brush off the man who doesn't say thank you when you hold the door, or the woman at the cash register who wont let you return the item you just bought a few days ago. But how do we deal with the people in our lives that are bound to us, and can't easily be shaken off?

Good question.

If I am being completely honest with you I know at least part of the answer, and it starts with our end of the relationship. It is something that I struggle with, which is probably why I am always being put in positions to test it. That it that I am referring to is pride. 

Pride tells us to respond to difficult people how our flesh feels they deserve to be treated. Push them away, disregard them, keep your distance. I am guilty of doing this over and over again.

The key to dealing with difficult people is grace

Grace allows us to see beyond the persons actions, and helps us to exam the cause of their actions. Not only does this approach help us to see this person in a new light, but it changes our hearts towards them!

I completed understand that there are some situations where the person is so difficult, and draining that it is best to stay away from them. Trust me, I get that. 

I want to encourage you to put your pride aside, and offer grace to the difficult people in your life. I am literally talking to myself as I type this. Growing, and stretching, and challenging ourselves is not always easy, but it is so necessary!

xx Jo