Back Like I Never Left

Hey, hey, hey! Boy does it feel good to be returning to my first love // writing! Most of you know that I launched a youtube channel // Coffee With Jo. 

While you guys were so excited for me, a lot of my long time readers were devastated because lets be honest, not many people have time to sit and watch a video. I love yall so much that I have decided to revisit blogging.

Well, let me be completely honest. I kind of made this decision without seeking God. Crazy right? I can not be the only one who has been in this position before. You get a revelation from God, you are so aware of what your passions and callings are, and you just run with it without even praying about timing. This usually happens to extremely passionate people. Can I get an amen?

I am learning now more than  ever, that seeking God for guidance doesn't only apply to hard times. Praying for wisdom is not limited to when we actually feel lost. Praying for peace isn't only for when we are experiencing rough times. These are things that we should constantly be praying for.

I want to encourage you, to never stop praying. Never stop asking God to lead you in every decision that you face, even the good ones. Learn from my mistakes. It will save you time, and it will save you from becoming overwhelmed, simply because you took on too many responsibilities without seeking God.

I love yall, cant wait to journey with you all !

xx Jo