When I Move You Move

When I Move You Move ; Just Like That

If someone were to ask me what my biggest life lesson has been so far, I would answer with little to no hesitation.

Let your prayer life guide your decisions, NOT your emotions.

This is a lesson that I am constantly being reminded of. Can you relate?

Your friendships may leave you feeling drained, and may make you want to abandon ship. Family members may have hurt you. People that you look up to may have failed you. Your marriage may look like it’s over. Your business may seem like it’s failing.

All of these are very real situations. If you’re anything like me, your emotions begin to scream ABORT, ABORT!!!!!! 

It’s easy to end the friendship, close the business, leave the church, cut off that family member. But just because it’s easy, and you’re feeling hurt, doesn’t mean that this is the route that God wants you to take.

I can not tell you how many times I have left situations and relationships behind without seeking God, and ultimately ending up in a worst situation that what I thought I was in.

In every decision that we make, we MUST seek God for direction. Our emotions, although valid, can not control our decision making!!

Spend some time today thinking about a time that you made a decision based off of your emotions. Did it end well? Did you later regret it?

I guarantee when you seek God in and through your decision making, you won’t have to question the choice that you made. He will give you the strength and the peace that you need to stick it out, or the ok for you to walk away.

His way is the best way. Seek Him first. Only move if he says go. This my friends, is the key to an amazingly peaceful life.